The apparent reason for setting up a website or a blog is to enhance your online presence as well as marketing your business or profession. Therefore, your website must be attractive and user-friendly to woo a large number of visitors.

In achieving the attractiveness and user-friendly goals, you web design matters.  However, the trend in the virtual world is dynamic. The current design can obsolete tomorrow.  For this reason, you have to redesign your website from time to time to retain its relevance and on the trend. Here is the killer redesigning tips to boost your website growth:

Make your website mobile responsive

According to current data, the number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet is growing at a fast rate. In fact, mobile browsing traffic superseded that of the desktop as per this reports. With this in mind, it is certain that large numbers of your site visitors are accessing it through their mobile devices. Hence, when redesigning your website, you need to make sure it is mobile responsive.

Otherwise, you will lose a significant amount of traffics if your website is mobile unfriendly.

Use design that enhances loading speed

In this era, website loading speed is paramount. Unlike the past decade, visitors are no longer waiting spending time on sites with low loading rate.  The maximum waiting time of a visitor is one to three seconds.  If you redesign your site in a way it hurts its loading speed, then you are sure that its traffic will reduce.  As such, always ensure your website design increase its loading spend other than the opposite.

Make your site simple to navigate

User-friendly is a key to website success. No matter the quality and reliability of the content you upload to the site, if it is not simple to navigate, it will be useless. For this reason, while redesigning your site ensures that it improves your site usability. A simple and user-friendly website always attracts massive traffic than its counterparts.

Importantly, you should use current and trending features on while redesigning your website and avoid the outdated ones. As you know, people always love an association with the trend and so you have to serve that purpose.

As you are aware, your website is your online brand. For this reason, when redesigning it, you must make sure it attracts more traffics than before the act. As such, always go for web designs that make your website mobile friendly, enhance its loading speed as well as makes it easy and simple to navigate.


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