Most beginner website owners tend to focus a lot on domain name registration and disregard one of the most important aspects of domain name registration process: Domain name renewal. This negligence almost always turns out to be a disaster when the renewal time knocks. Many renewal notifications flood their emails, hackers and spammers send spam emails and much more. The fast unraveling of events become so overwhelming that they end up making grave mistakes like clicking to those spam emails, which is how they get found out by these scammers. There is no point of dedicating every ounce of your energy and time into registering a domain name, and then, renewing it becomes an issue. Take control of your domain name from start to finish by auto-renewing it. You will experience the following benefits by auto-renewing your domain name:

benefits by auto-renewing your domain name

You’ll keep renewal scams at bay if you buy a domain name and sign up for auto-renew

With today’s busy lifestyles, most website owners are tied up with other activities, and so, they don’t pay particulate attention to running their websites. Corn artists, hackers, and spammers like to prey on such individuals. They have dug up and known the exact date when their domain names expire and will send official-looking notices directly to their emails with authentic-looking yet fraudulent renewal instructions, accompanied by extraordinary renewal fees. Some even go the extra mile to promote suspicious SEO guarantees, domain transfer services, domain forwarding services, domain protection plans and much more. When they fall into the scammers’ traps, it’s game over for them. The scammers will con them and disappear from the face of the earth.

That’s why you seriously need to consider setting your domain name to auto-renew. With domain auto renewal services, you won’t spend your valuable time scavenging through your emails to determine which ones are fake and which ones are not. If you have some issues that need to be ironed out, contact the domain registrar through their support portal.

Domain name registration and auto-renewal gives you a piece of mind

To buy a domain name and build a profit-making online business takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. You need to spend quality time to come up with a good domain name, create an elegant website, build up an audience and brand using your chosen domain name. It would be shameful for the site to go offline just because you forgot to renew your domain name. When your site goes offline, it means no business is going on, which means no money is being generated. The domain name registrars normally play their part by sending out renewal alerts early enough. But you may not catch these emails because your spam and junk emails have crowded them out or you got distracted and never read them. When your life is overwhelmed with work, you can save yourself the trouble by subscribing to the domain name auto-renew service. This will give you a piece of mind knowing that your site will not go down regardless of your busy lifestyle.

Domain name registration and auto-renew sign up allows you to stay out of the limelight

If you’re a domain name enthusiast, you must have stumbled across articles reporting high profile sites failing to renew their domains. It can be embarrassing, especially if a site is well known and revered. It can also be costly. For example, Amazon recently released a report saying that whenever the e-commerce retailer experiences a 10-minute downtime, they lose millions of dollars in sales, not to mention lawsuits that are filed by resellers. Your website might not be as big as Amazon, but a downtime can surely cost you money. This is why signing up for a domain auto-renew program is handy for you.